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At Guiding Hands Behavioral Consulting. we’re dedicated to your growth in the world of behavioral science. Our comprehensive range of services and resources is designed to empower you on your journey to success.

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  • Individualized support for professionals and families.
  • Turn your ABA aspirations into achievements with our guidance.
  • Explore recent research with our evidence based ACE and IBAO- Approved CEUs
  • Equip yourself for your future in ABA with our guidance and supervision.
  • Unlock success in ABA with our tailored training and support.
  • Forge a bright ABA future, hand in hand with our team of experts.

RBT Competency Assessments

Are you preparing for the RBT exam? Our comprehensive RBT Competency Assessments offer a complete solution to ensure your success. Our personalized tutoring is designed to target your unique learning needs, guiding you through complex concepts and exam requirements. Coupled with our extensive study materials, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the material. But that’s not all – our realistic mock exams simulate the exam environment, helping you build confidence and familiarity. With Guiding Hands Behavioral Consulting, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re building a strong foundation for a successful career in behavioral science.

RBT Exam Tutoring

Prepare to excel in the RBT exam with our expert tutoring. Our expert tutors are committed to guiding you through every step of your preparation, ensuring that you’re not only well-prepared for the exam but also equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in behavioral science. Our personalized approach takes into account your unique learning style and pace, allowing us to create a tailored learning path that resonates with you. As you delve into the study materials we provide, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the exam’s content and be well-prepared to tackle any question that comes your way. But we don’t stop there – our realistic mock exams replicate the exam environment, allowing you to practice under similar conditions and build the confidence you need to excel on the big day.


As you embark on your path to BCBA or BCaBA certification, unparalleled expert guidance is paramount—and that’s where we excel. Our Supervision programs are meticulously crafted to offer personalized support, ensuring your success in the ABA field. Whether you’re progressing through general or concentrated fieldwork, our bespoke programs are here to facilitate your journey in achieving the requisite fieldwork hours. Leveraging their vast experience, our professionals infuse real-world insights, aiding you in mastering the certification process and engaging effectively in both indirect and unrestricted activities to help fulfill your fieldwork requirements.

Expert Consulting

At Guiding Hands Behavioral Consulting, we recognize that challenges across Applied Behavior Analysis require specialized strategies. Our Expert Consulting services are designed to provide solutions uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are navigating the nuances of ABA or confronting wider behavioral and business obstacles, we can help! With a sound foundation in data and empirical studies, our seasoned BCBAs are here to consult with you. We invest time to thoroughly understand your goals, projects, and hurdles, subsequently devising strategies that yield tangible, data driven results. With us, you are not merely seeking solutions; you are forging a partnership with a team dedicated to the flourishing of your initiatives.


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We offer a range of services including RBT Competency Assessments, BCBA/BCaBA Supervision, Expert Consulting, Continuing Education (CEU), and more. Each service is designed to support your growth in the field of behavioral science.

Our RBT Exam Tutoring package includes expert guidance, personalized learning paths, comprehensive study materials, and realistic mock exams to ensure your success in the RBT exam.

Yes, our mock exams are designed to simulate the actual RBT exam environment, helping you build confidence and familiarity with the format and content.

Our supervision offers both individual and group support, led by experienced professionals. We provide guidance, insights, and resources to assist you in your certification journey.

Yes, we offer remote supervision options to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Our expert consultants provide tailored solutions to address various challenges your organization may face. We offer strategic insights to enhance project outcomes and drive success.